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For the 9th year, the conference “A journey through breast cancer” was held in Madrid – a meeting aimed at sharing experiences in breast cancer with specialists from different fields and taking an in-depth look at life with cancer and seeking ways to improve this.

The conference, coordinated by Marta Michel, editor of Yo Dona magazine, and Dr. Laura Garcia Estevez, head of the Breast Section in the Medical Oncology Service at MD Anderson cancer Center Madrid, under the title “From information on the social networks to scientific information”, was developed from three different viewpoints, but all important in the development of the disease.

On the one hand, advances in the treatment of breast cancer started off the day with a debate moderated by doctors Isabel Calvo, medical oncologist at MD Anderson Madrid, and Natalia Carballo, head of the Radiation Oncology Service at the same center. The participants spoke of the great advances in survival rates and the most promising treatments for this type of tumor.

The next session focused on how lifestyle and eating habits influence breast cancer. Chef Samanta Vallejo-Nagera, nutritionist and gastroenterologist Iñaki Irastorza and medical oncologist of the Puerta de Hierro Hospital, Dr. Ricardo Cubedo, spoke on the subject that a healthy diet, regular exercise and giving up certain harmful lifestyle habits, such as smoking or the consumption of alcohol, can prevent many types of tumor, including breast cancer.

The day ended with a very current matter – the social networks. The participants debated to what extent this new source of information helps or confuses the cancer patient. There are many myths and hoaxes circulating on the Internet, and the speakers insisted that we must be up to date, but always check any information with our doctor. Experts in the field such as Paz Rubio, RTVE journalist, Silvano Guillamet, communication expert and Belen Canalejo, influencer and expert in social networks, spoke of the advantages and disadvantages of this new era of information.