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For that reason, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid is organizing the ‘II Cancer Beauty Care Meeting: health, beauty and care for Cancer Patients’ on Thursday, February 26 in Toledo. The aim is to help those with cancer to deal with their new situation resulting from the disease and to offer the information and practical tools needed to minimize its physical and emotional effects.

So, in the four blocks the meeting is divided into, and with various specialists from MD Anderson Madrid, the following areas, among others will be dealt with: receiving the diagnosis and the physical and emotional impact on the cancer patient, caring for the wellbeing and beauty of the patient to minimize the effects of treatment on the patient’s appearance, and the importance of following a diet adapted to the new situation the cancer process demands.

Furthermore, the event will offer workshops where participants will learn relaxation techniques or practical exercises through which to find the image they most identify with. “To feel good about oneself and to live a healthy lifestyle is always important, but when you are going through cancer, it’s especially positive. Following some tips on self-care, patients can improve their physical appearance and therefore, their self-esteem and stop seeing themselves as patients, to rediscover themselves outside the disease”, explains Marta de la Fuente, MD Anderson Madrid psycho-oncologist.