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Dr. Santiago Gonzalez Moreno, president of the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) and medical director of MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid, will attend the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels next March 1 to join a debate on colorectal cancer with some of the best specialists in colorectal cancer in Europe.

Organized by the European association for colorectal cancer patients, EuropaColon, the “Colorectal Cancer: Evolutions, Obligations and Implications” meeting aims to explain to members of the European Parliament the current needs of colorectal cancer patients in three fundamental areas: screening, surgery and treatment options, as we are facing an aging population and increasing incidence of this type of cancer in Europe. Dr. Stephen Halloran, Professor Emeritus at the University of Surrey, and Dr. Eric van Cutsem, head of the Gastrointestinal Oncology Service at the University of Lovaina, will share their experience and knowledge of the current situation in screening and treatment options for this type of tumor, whilst Dr. Santiago Gonzalez Moreno will look at the latest in surgery and will emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary work in approaching the disease.

According to Dr. Gonzalez Moreno, “the greatest advance we can offer in colorectal cancer in Spain and in Europe is to make sure that the care patients receive follows a multidisciplinary strategy and that all the resources the patients need are integrated effectively and efficiently”. And to achieve that, there must be appropriate policies in place to coordinate work in research and availability of resources – a complex task, but made easier with meeting like this, in which top medical professionals can speak directly to medical decision-makers in Europe.

In line with the strategy of commitment to the patients, MD Anderson Madrid has confirmed the attendance of Jola Gore-Booth, president of EuropaColon, at the MD Anderson International Gastrointestinal Oncology Congress, the first edition of which will be held next November.