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The High Resolution Breast Imaging Consultation reduces the patent’s uncertainty by cutting the time between the consultation with the physician and the image tests allowing an assessment of the case.

  • Specialists remind women of the importance of early diagnosis as the best way to prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death among women in our country. However, in spite of that, statistics show that 98% of tumors detected in the early stages are cured. For that reason, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has set up the High Resolution Breast Imaging Consultation, made up of a multidisciplinary team of specialists from the Breast Unit, allowing the patient to have an initial assessment and the image diagnostic tests deemed necessary in a single appointment.

“So, the treatment the specialist deems appropriate for each case can be planned on the same day”, explains Dr. Gloria Ortega, surgeon at the Breast Unit.

By setting up this new service, the High Resolution Breast Imaging Consultation seeks to minimize patients’ uncertainty as far as possible by reducing the waiting time between consulting the specialist and undergoing image tests that provide an assessment. A rapid evaluation of a patient’s situation can relieve the stress of awaiting a medical assessment.

“The consultation can help women who have found a lump while self-examining their breast or have had an inconclusive mammogram or ultrasound. It is also aimed at women seeking a second opinion on an abnormality in their breast or who have other signs of alarm, such as reddening and inflammation of the breast or an inward-turned nipple”, adds Dr. Ortega.

October 19, World Breast Cancer Day

Next Monday, October 19 is World Breast Cancer Day. According to the latest data published by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), breast cancer affects 29% of women in Spain. For that reason, on the occasion of this event, experts remind women that prevention and the advancement of diagnostic techniques are the best way to reach an early diagnosis of this type of tumor.

“Consulting a specialist if you find any suspicious lumps and having regular image tests, like a mammogram, which is recommended after 40 and indispensible after 50, is the best way to prevent breast cancer” says Dr. Ortega.