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MD Anderson Cancer Center Foundation Spain has opened a new auditorium, built to be a meeting point for education and cancer research and that will contribute to publishing important advances in the field of cancer among medical professionals, patients and the general public. Dr. Pedro Luis Cobiella, president of MD Anderson Cancer Center Foundation Spain inaugurated the auditorium, located inside MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid.

Accompanying Dr. Cobiella were Juan Jose Hernandez Rubio, vice-president of MD Anderson Foundation Spain and Michael Brown, CEO of MD Anderson Services Corporation in Houston.

During the inauguration ceremony, attended by representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, scientific societies, patients’ associations, collaborating foundations, hospitals, medical staff, business people and the media, Dr. Cobiella spoke about the close relationship between MD Anderson Foundation Spain and MD Anderson in Houston and stressed the importance of the work of the Foundation in cancer research – it is one of the most productive institutions in Spain in terms of ongoing projects and papers published in scientific journals. MD Anderson Madrid is currently one of the centers with the highest number of active clinical trials.

Dr. Enrique Grande, head of the Medical Oncology Service at MD Anderson Madrid, emphasized the need to “remain committed and working on cancer research, because these advances allow us to offer patients better drugs to increase survival in general and improve their quality of life”.