Multidisciplinary Units

Our different clinical services constitute the basis around which the healthcare activity at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid is organized.
One of the distinguishing characteristics of MD Anderson Madrid is the multidisciplinary character of the medical team. The more than 150 specialists making up our center are part ofMultidisciplinary Units specializing in each type of tumor, in which their work is coordinated to develop personalized treatments for each patient.
This means that any single case has the benefit of the joint vision of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists who work closely together and contribute their knowledge and experience to make the treatment a success.
Furthermore, there is a solid, continuous relationship between the professionals at MD Anderson Madrid and those at MD Anderson in Houston, sharing protocols for the more complex cases in clinical sessions. This multidisciplinary approach to cancer allows a team of specialists to work together to ensure the best possible treatment for each patient.


Hereditary Cancer Genetic Counseling Unit

When cancer at a young age appears and it isn’t the first case in the family, it could be a hereditary cancer.

Knowing exactly what the situation is, will help you to take action in time.

Medical statistics show that between 5% and 10% of cancers are hereditary in origin. Fortunately, the disease itself is not passed down through generations, but the risk of developing it is, which means there is no certainty of developing cancer in all cases.

Identifying families with possibly hereditary cancers is key to helping all their members to slow down the disease. The first goal is to create a preventive barrier against cancer. Secondly, in the case the disease has started to develop, the aim is to detect it early on, thus substantially improving the chances and methods of a cure.

The role of Genetic Counseling.
The Genetic Counseling Unit at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid provides specialized care for families with hereditary or familial  cancer. The aim of the unit is:

  1. To identify families at risk of suffering hereditary cancer.
  2. To carry out genetic screening to assess individual risk for each family member.
  3. Reliable, clear, easy-to-understand information with personalized assessment for each patient to facilitate taking the most suitable preventive or therapeutic measures.

Molecular and genetic diagnostic tests are key to identifying cases of familial cancer.

Since 2010, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has been carrying out these tests at their own laboratory directed by an outstanding specialist team.

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which includes high performance sequencing platforms.

In addition, due to the particular complexity of some clinical cases, the laboratory at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has designed exclusive, individualized tests that have been optimized especially for the center.

The Genetic Counseling Unit is comprised of professionals from all the fields involved in this work: oncology, gynecology, pathology, molecular biology, surgery and so on, providing an integral service.

  • Personalized assessment with a consultant specialist and a full explanation of the results. The patient is given a complete detailed report in clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • The waiting period for results – around three weeks.
  • Solutions without wasting time. Once the results have been received, a protocol to monitor the patient is set up along with personalized check-ups or preventive surgery may be planned depending on the degree of risk for each patient.