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Para saber gestionar nuestro aislamiento social es muy importante saber gestionar primero nuestro estado emocional en estos momentos de tanta incertidumbre y de tanto estrés”, afirma Marta de la Fuente, responsable del Servicio de Psicooncología de MD Anderson Madrid.

According to data from the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), almost half (four out of ten) of the people who received a cancer diagnosis in 2018 were under 65 years old; that is, they were of working age and had to take a long-term leave.

Even though 50% of paralysis cases are due to idiopathic causes (Bell’s palsy) and idiopathic facial paralysis has a good prognosis of spontaneous recovery, many things exist that can injure the facial nerve, like infection, trauma and tumours. There the prognosis is not so benign.