Video-consultation for the Genetic Counselling Unit

MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has launched a video-consultation service for their Genetic Counselling on Hereditary Cancer Unit. Directed by Dr. Ricardo Cubedo, head of the sarcoma and hereditary cancer section of the Medical Oncology Department at the center, the aim is that the experience of a video-consultation be exactly the same as that of a presential appointment.

To achieve this, MD Anderson Madrid has set up a specific platform allowing video-consultation to be integrated with the clinical records and information systems scheduling modules. In addition to oncology, video-consultation is available for other specialties including Cardiology, Gastrointestinal, Gynecology, Hematology, Maxillofacial, Psycho-oncology and Urology.

The main advantage of video-consultation is that it gives us the option of bringing together various family members who live in different parts of Spain or abroad at the same appointment, when it would otherwise be difficult to have them in the same place at the same time.

These appointments are also growing in demand. The public is becoming more aware that hereditary factors can determine their probabilities of getting cancer and, in these times, when society is very concerned about health and people are willing to make an effort in diet, exercise or lifestyle, it is frustrating that there is still a great part that is out of our control.

For that reason, part of the work of a specialist heading up a Genetic Counselling on Hereditary Cancer Unit is to help the public who are concerned enough to seek out a consultant to recover a degree of control of the genetic conditions they are born with and that will be with them throughout their life.

To request a video-consultation, make an appointment online or call 912 77 72 20