Definition of medical terms used on the web.


Use of radioactive material in the treatment of malignant tumors by placing radioactive particles in contact with the tissues that are to be treated or even implanted in them, such as the “seeds” used in prostate cancer.

In certain locations, radiation can be applied with a radioactive source of Ir-192 which, placed near the tumor, can deliver a very low volume dose of high-intensity radiation, thus protecting healthy tissue.

Advantages: The radiation dose is restricted to the area immediately around the source and its effects on zones further from the tumor are minimal.

Prostate Brachytherapy
With the help of ultrasound, the tumor is implanted with small ‘seeds’ containing radioactive iodine (I-125), which deposit radiation over a certain period of time. This technique is particularly effective in prostate cancer, destroying the tumorbut preserving the urethra, bladder and other organs.

Advantages: The surgical procedure is quite non-invasive and the patient can be released the following day.