CODE Initiative

MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid is collaborating with the CODE initiative – Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe – whose aim is to increase knowledge on the use of drugs used to combat cancer, supporting the setting up of an Oncology Data Network (ODN) in which all centers, public or private, can participate from the different countries forming part of the network. This will enable the cancer community and healthcare providers to maximize the value of cancer treatments and facilitate access to innovative treatments for the benefit of patients.

What is the Oncology Data Network?

The Oncology Data Network is a network of hospitals and cancer centers in Europe who share information obtained from clinical evidence on the use of drugs used against cancer, which is stored in a common European database. The information is subject to anonymisation techniques and strict quality and consistency control by the IQVIA prior to being shared, so the patients’ rights are guaranteed and a homogenized, comparable European database is achieved.

The benefits of the ODN are:

  • Oncologists and researchers have access to data on the real use of cancer drugs in Europe, which may help them when treating patients.

  • Managers have access to data on the real use of cancer drugs and can set up new access models for drugs, as a tool with which to help maintain the financial sustainability of the sector.

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