Visiting times

Details to keep in mind when visiting patients for treatment. Recommendations for Not Disturbing Other Patients

We understand that with a disease like cancer family members and friends are an important part of the patient’s recovery and of his/her state of mind, so visiting times are flexible and adapted to each patient. In any case, being in a hospital there are certain rules that must be respected to avoid bothering other patients and to enable the hospital to run properly.


Recommendations for visitors and companions


  • The patient’s companion will have a bed in the same room as the patient, as long as the patient is not in the ICU.
  • After 22.00 there should only be one companion per patient in the hospital.
  • Please remember smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the hospital or outside (Official Gazette, March 9 1998)
  • Please remember you are in a hospital, so think of others and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Please remember you may not enter areas marked “Solo personal autorizado”
  • For the sake of the patients, there should be no more than three people in the room at a time.
  • There should be complete silence in the corridors of the hospitalization floor to avoid bothering other patients (please keep your voice down).
  • Turn down the volume of any audio equipment (TV, radio, telephones, etc.) to allow patients to rest.
  • Food cannot be brought into the hospital nor administered to inpatients without the authorization of the attending physician.
  • Keep the door of your room closed.

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