Definition of medical terms used on the web.


Use of chemical products that destroy cancer cells, control their growth, or alleviate pain symptoms. A single drug or combination of several may be used.

The most common administration routes are three:

Intravenous route: the most used. Through a peripheral line, a central line, or a PAC, a solution is administered as a serum and whose infusion time may vary between a few hours or few days, depending on the type of medicine.

Oral route: Supplied as pills or tablets without loss of efficacy. It is important that pills are handled with gloves.

Intramuscular or subcutaneous route: administered as an injection in the area chosen for this purpose.

There are also other administration routes:
Intraperitoneal chemotherapy: The medicine is administered directly into the abdominal cavity where the lesion is located. It is performed in the operating room and in the context of surgery or using a reservoir implanted in the abdomen.

Intrathecal chemotherapy: Administered in the spinal cord fluid through a puncture in the back or by a reservoirplaced in the head that is connected to the brain. (See Lumbar puncture).

Intravesical chemotherapy: Administered directly into the bladder through a bladder catheter.