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Examination of the colonic mucosa using a colonoscope, a long instrument with light and a lens to examine the inside of the colon.
The process involves a previous preparation based on feces cleansing from the intestinal tract to be examined. By taking evacuant drugs (e.g., Bohm solution) and administration of cleansing enemas, if the condition requires it when the above is not effective, or is not tolerated by the patient and can lead to nausea and vomiting after intake. On the day before the test, the patient should take a diet based on liquids such as broths, juice, shakes, infusions, and water. Request the preparation protocol from your nurse.
After performing the test, the patient may resume their usual dietary habits, and even return home if the test is performed on an outpatient basis.
Thanks to this process, excision of polyps adhered to the mucosa may also be performed, which in this case is an endoscopic polypectomy.