Definition of medical terms used on the web.


An unpleasant sensation induced by stimulation of sensory endings. It is an essential symptom of inflammation and is highly valuable for the diagnosis of many disorders and diseases.

Pain can be mild or severe, chronic or acute, dull or sharp, specific or diffuse in location.

For its detection, it is important to take into account the patient's perception by means of verbal or nonverbal communication, as it could be the facial expression, moans, crying, or restlessness, changes in blood pressure and heart rate, dilatation of pupils, etc.

Pain may be chronic, when its occurrence is practically constant and it has a prolonged course, or acute, when it occurs suddenly and intensely.

For pain treatment, there are different drugs arranged in steps depending on their strength and grading. Depending on drug tolerance and the type of pain, some drugs or others will be administered.