Definition of medical terms used on the web.


Technique used to treat various brain problems, including some types of tumors. It is based on the precise location of the lesion thanks to a guide placed in the head of the patient indicating the point to be treated. This area is irradiated, usually in a single session. Despite the term, it does not require entry in the operating room.

Radiosurgery is used to treat small intracranial lesions. It is a very precise technique in localizing the lesion and in forming the radiation beam.

Advantages: In MD Anderson Madrid we choose to immobilize the radiosurgery patient using a thermoplastic mask especially for radiosurgery, which makes it a non-invasive means and means the treatment can be broken up over various days. The beam is formed in 2.5 mm wide leaves, which makes it possible to treat lesions that are complicated in shape, whilst minimizing the dose affecting the surrounding tissue.

Prior to each session, the location of the lesion is verified by means of a CT scan done on the same treatment table (IGRT: Image Guided Radiation Therapy)