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Tell us how you cope with cancer. Maybe you are an oncology patient, a family member, a friend or a caregiver. We are sure that your testimony can provide strength and support to others like you who face this disease every day.

Share your story

Patients are the center of attention and the priority objective at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid. Their diagnosis not only affects them, but also many people around them. Their testimony and experience is of great value and brings hope to others in the same situation.

Dr. Laura Garcia Estevez. Coordinator of the Breast Unit. MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid

Carlota Carlota

Medical: Dr. Laura García Estévez. Coordinadora de la Unidad Multidisciplinar de Mama

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Carlota was runner-up in Spain in 400m hurdles and was preparing to become champion when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age. After chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy she had to reinvent herself - today she is a triathlete and has achieved one of her dreams - to be a mother.

She and Dr. Garcia Estevez share a very special bond. Together they have been through very hard times. They have not seen each other for months, although they talk often. Today Carlota is going to introduce the doctor to someone.