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On the occasion of the II Meeting "Advances in the Diagnosis of Molecular Pathology", which took place between Wednesday 3 and Friday 5 October in Madrid and brought together professionals from five continents, Dr. Peter WT Pisters, the president of MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, visited the Spanish capital. Dr. Pisters was charged with inaugurating the second edition of a congress that promised to revise concepts that could change the paradigm of cancer diagnosis and treatment - increasingly based less on the biological location of the tumor and more on the specific study of the molecular alterations of the tumor in each individual patient.

The president of MD Anderson Houston also took advantage of his trip to Spain see in depth the facilities of his "sister house" in the area of Arturo Soria, in Madrid. Dr. Pedro Luis Cobiella, president of MD Anderson Madrid, accompanied by the entire management team, welcomed Dr. Pisters and showed him round the facilities of the hospital center, explaining how things work on a typical day at the Madrid center. Dr. Pisters was able to see first-hand the way the unique work methodology shared by MD Anderson throughout its network is implemented in Spain.

Over two busy days, Dr. Pisters had the opportunity to meet with some heads of service to exchange experiences and meet other professionals who work every day at MD Anderson Madrid to offer their patients comprehensive personalized treatment. The president of MD Anderson Houston was also able to visit the day hospital, radiotherapy and radiodiagnosis, the translational research laboratory, the hospital admissions facility and clinical consultations, satisfied of the quality and excellence of both the center and professionals at MD Anderson Madrid.