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For the fifth year running, specialists from MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid will offer cancer patients and their families the keys to managing the new situation derived from their disease.

The latest advances in reconstructive and restorative surgery, the family as a fundamental source of support for the cancer patient or a guide to moisturizing and having beautiful skin are some of the topics that will be addressed during the meeting.

With the aim of helping people with cancer to manage the new situation derived from their disease and to minimize the effects, both physical and emotional, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid is organizing next Thursday, April 27, in Madrid, the 'V Cancer Beauty Care Meeting: health, beauty and special care for cancer patients. The day will be attended by and have the support of experts and patients of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), as well as the collaboration of La Roche-Posay.

During the meeting, MD Anderson Madrid specialists will inform attendees, among other questions, about how the family can deal with and diminish the negative emotions of the cancer patient, the importance of proper nutrition during the illness or the latest advances in reconstructive and reparatory surgery and.

In addition, during the workshops taking place throughout the day, attendees can learn how to care for the skin during and after cancer treatment. Specifically during the treatment, a nursing team from MD Anderson Madrid will explain how to repair the effects of chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy on the skin, mouth or nails and offer advice on how to protect the skin from the sun without giving it up completely and what to do and what precautions to take in the case of possible low defenses.

In another of the workshops, on techniques on fully conscious relaxation techniques and abdominal breathing, it will be explained how these strategies can help reduce stress and improve the well-being of patients.



V Cancer Beauty Care Meeting

Health, beauty and special care for cancer patients

DATE: Thursday, April 27 2017

VENUE: Museo ABC – Calle Amaniel 29, Madrid

TIME: 09.15 – 17.00