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Madrid, May 9, 2019:- This year the second edition of the Ibero-American Summit on Strategic Communication (CIBECOM) had a new "knowledge contributor", MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid, thanks to an agreement with Fundacom, the Foundation Promoting Communication in Spanish and Portuguese in the world. The meeting, which takes place from May 8 to 10 in Madrid, is an essential appointment on the calendar and a meeting point for professionals and top-level speakers, which addresses issues essential to organizations and countries in terms of corporate communication.

This year, CIBECOM revolved around the motto "Technology, Emotion and Adaptation: Fundamentals of a new world", and the head of the Psycho-oncology Service at MD Anderson Madrid, Marta de la Fuente was in charge of representing the hospital with a talk on the subject of emotion, one of the three focal points of the Ibero-American summit this year. The talk, "Managing emotions in situations of critical communication", seeks to help attendees identify, analyze and manage their own emotions so that these do not interfere in the professional field.

Through the session, Ms. de la Fuente showed how to manage emotions to achieve excellence in communication in all areas (before an audience, in the workplace, as part of a couple, with friends and family members), and took a close look at training skills in the professional environment in particular. "The feeling of being overwhelmed by a situation is very common in a conflict causing tension or stress, and bad or no management of emotions is what is responsible for that," explained the psychologist.

To ensure that this does not happen and to achieve that ideal of identification, analysis and management of emotions, Marta de la Fuente asked the attendees to reflect on their own behavior under stress. "As much as we strive to rationalize our existence, emotions are what move the world, especially in communication processes. For that reason, it is a privilege for CIBECOM to have MD Anderson Madrid and psychologist Marta de la Fuente, as an expert in the management of emotions in critical communication processes", stated Stephan Fuetterer, director of CIBECOM'2019.

The work of this specialist at a center like MD Anderson Madrid is an advantage in the approach of this presentation, since her daily work consists of giving advice and helping people facing a very stressful situation every minute of their lives - cancer. These patients are not only worried about their illness, but also show signs of anxiety and stress in work and family situations. So, Marta de la Fuente does not treat cancer patients, but treats people with lives similar to those of any of those attending the talk, but who also live with something that causes anxiety, stress and a good deal of tension 24 hours a day.