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Madrid, 26 September 2019. The MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has won a BSH–Best Spanish Hospitals award in the kidney and urinary tracts category. Doctor Santiago González, medical director of MD Anderson Madrid, and Doctor Maria Luisa Baleztena, coordinator of healthcare coding at Hospiten, were honoured with collecting the award.

These are the first ever BSH—Best Spanish Hospitals Awards, organised by Higia Benchmarking, a consultancy firm specialising in analysing useful indicators for healthcare management in healthcare benchmarking 3.0 (BS3), and Asho, a national leader in hospital release coding and automatic outpatient process coding services.

The awards, which have the support of the Spanish Society of Healthcare Executives (Sociedad Española de Directivos de la Salud, or SEDISA), recognise hospital excellence through the analysis of 230 indicators of healthcare efficiency, suitability and quality in ten analysis categories. By giving out these awards, the coordinating organisations hope to encourage better clinical management at public and private hospitals caring for acute patients in Spain.

A total of 80 hospitals, 43 public and 37 private, participated in the first BSH–Best Spanish Hospitals Awards.