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Madrid, February 6, 2023 - The Gynecology Department at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has been accredited as a European Training Center in this discipline by the European Society of Gynecologic Oncology (ESGO). The center is thus positioned as the first private hospital to obtain such recognition in Europe. The accreditation enables the center to train fellows in Gynecologic Oncology.

To grant this accreditation, the ESGO Training Committee visited the center and all the specialties related to Gynecologic Oncology which work in a multidisciplinary way. The number of patients treated and surgeries performed annually were taken into account, as were the lines of research open in the field and the options for continued education available to international students at the hospital.

The title, valid for 5 years, includes a 30-month training program for a specialist in Gynecology at MD Anderson Madrid. Once this period ends and the objectives established by the entity are achieved, the health professional will be recognized throughout Europe as an ESGO certified specialist in Gynecologic Oncology.

"This accreditation is a great recognition for both the standard of training in the hospital's gynecology department, and for the overall work carried out by the center’s different teams at the service of the patient", states Dr. Javier de Santiago Garcia, head of the Gynecologic Oncology Service at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid.