Second medical opinion

Second opinion consultation in medical oncology

At MD Anderson Madrid we offer a high-quality second opinion service based on precision medicine and a multidisciplinary assessment of the patient. The moment the patient is diagnosed is crucial to deciding the course of treatment to be followed by the patient. Once treatment has started it is difficult to change criteria and is often impossible.

Facing cancer is not easy, and in addition to the emotional impact, there are many questions and worries to be addressed. A second opinion consultation is fundamental in oncology to be sure of all the options and lines of treatment available. A second opinion gives the patient confidence and helps reach a decision on the best treatment.

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The second opinion service in oncology will allow you to get the opinion of an expert team of doctors on your disease.

In no more than 48 hours after receiving your medical records, you will have an appointment with the oncologist specializing in your pathology at MD Anderson Madrid, who will provide you with all the information you need about your diagnosis and the options available for treatment.

That may include:

  • A multidisciplinary meeting to discuss your case
  • Other, complementary consultations with other specialists
  • Additional diagnostic tests for an accurate assessment

Should you decide to go ahead with treatment at MD Anderson Madrid, your case will be reviewed at a multidisciplinary session with the team specialized in your pathology and consisting of an oncologist, a radiation therapy oncologist, an anatomic pathologist, a radiologist, a surgical oncologist or the surgeon that’s right for your case, and the person in charge of clinical trials. Your case will be studied again at this session and a definitive treatment proposal will be made based on the consensus of all the doctors present.

A second opinion consultation in oncology is covered by most insurance companies.

  • Specialized, dedicated cancer center with a multidisciplinary approach.
    A second opinion should be done by an independent medical team and at a highly specialized cancer center with a multidisciplinary team handling your case, including medical oncologists, experts in radiation therapy and surgery in each type of tumor, as well as pathologists, researchers and other specialists focused entirely on cancer. MD Anderson Madrid is the only monographic cancer center dedicated to fighting cancer in the Autonomous Region of Madrid.
  • Personalized medicine
    At MD Anderson, we have vanguard technology for the sequencing of genes involved in cancer, whose mutations may make them apt for targeted treatments. Thus, we can offer the patient an analysis of a gene panel that may, at present, be target-treated.
  • Houston now in Madrid
    In addition to our more than 15 years of history, we are backed by the 75 years of experience of our mother institution: The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Our specialists have direct links to their peers in Houston and hold regular videoconferences to discuss more complex cases.
  • Research is the most effective weapon with which to beat cancer
    Our center integrates basic, translational and clinical researchers. They develop research projects, seeking personalized medicine and advances in that tailor-made treatment for the cancer patient. Molecular diagnosis is going to be fundamental in the future of cancer treatment, to personalize the way each patient is treated and to find the best option in each case.
  • Clinical trials
    The access our patients have to high-level clinical trials is a fundamental added value in the care provided by the hospital. Our patients can benefit from groundbreaking treatments in research. They have the privilege of having access to treatments giving good results in the trial phase and not yet available to other patients.

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