Medical services

The different clinical services constitute the backbone on which the healthcare activity of MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid is organised.


Hematology Laboratory

The range of diagnostic tests available at the MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid Laboratories is wide, covering the needs of cancer patients, both hospitalized and ambulatory.

Among the tests that can be done are:


Cytogenetics: Bone Marrow Karotype in Oncohematology, FISH study in Oncohematology

Molecular Biology


a. Thrombophilia study determinations

b. V Leiden Factor

c. Prothrombin G20210A

d. MTHFR Mutation

e. Mutations/translocations in Leukemia

f. JAK2 Mutation


h. PML-RARalpha

i. Nuclephosmin

j. FLT3 (TID)

k. Quantitative PCR


m. CD34 cell quantification

n. Hemochromatosis gene


Diagnostic Immunophenotype Leukemia/Myeloma


a. Diagnostic immunophenotype

b. Follow-up immunophenotype

c. Phase S cell cycle

d. ZAP 70

  • Cariotipo de médula ósea en onco-hematología
  • Estudio FISH en onco-hematología

  • Determinaciones estudio de trombofilia
  • Factor V Leiden
  • G20210A de Protrombina
  • Mutación MTHFR
  • Mutaciones/traslocaciones en leucemias
  • Mutación JAK2
  • PML-RARalfa
  • Nucleofosmina
  • FLT3 (TID)
  • PCR cuantitativa
  • Cuantificación de células CD 34
  • Gen de la hemocromatosis

  • Inmunofenotipo diagnóstico
  • Inmunofenotipo seguimiento
  • Fase S ciclo celular
  • ZAP 70