Multidisciplinary Units

Our different clinical services constitute the basis around which the healthcare activity at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid is organized.
One of the distinguishing characteristics of MD Anderson Madrid is the multidisciplinary character of the medical team. The more than 150 specialists making up our center are part ofMultidisciplinary Units specializing in each type of tumor, in which their work is coordinated to develop personalized treatments for each patient.
This means that any single case has the benefit of the joint vision of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists who work closely together and contribute their knowledge and experience to make the treatment a success.
Furthermore, there is a solid, continuous relationship between the professionals at MD Anderson Madrid and those at MD Anderson in Houston, sharing protocols for the more complex cases in clinical sessions. This multidisciplinary approach to cancer allows a team of specialists to work together to ensure the best possible treatment for each patient.


Breast Unit

From the MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid Breast Unit, we offer you our experience and commitment to quality in our multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer in all its stages.

This approach brings together the perspective of all the specialists attending patients, working as a team and in coordination with the Breast Unit at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

At MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid we have developed a comprehensive multidisciplinary care program, focused on the patient and based on the standards of excellence and quality that are the hallmark of the institution that is our reference in Houston.



We offer state-of-the-art image diagnosis techniques, including digital stereotaxy with the capacity to locate lesions for puncture and cytology, thick-needle biopsy and to locate nonpalpable lesions prior to surgery.

Nuclear Medicine


MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid, in close collaboration with the Instituto Tecnológico de Servicios Sanitarios (ITSS), offers a multidisciplinary team of professionals with ample, renowned experience in radioguided surgery techniques (selective sentinel lymph node biopsy, ROLL, SNOLL), PET-CT, bone scintigraphy, isotope ventriculography, etc.

Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery and Gynecologic Oncology.


At MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid we care about your health and your wellbeing, so we consider breast reconstruction a vital part of treating breast cancer. The joint evaluation of the specialists in surgical oncology, gynecologic oncology and plastic surgery prior to the procedure enables us to choose the best therapeutic options with the most favorable esthetic results.

Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy


All our medical specialists and nursing staff are highly qualified in the administration of the most advanced treatments prescribed for each patient.

In addition, we have at our disposal two state-of-the-art linear accelerators and vanguard technology for radiotherapy. That enables us to achieve the best results while minimizing the undesirable side effects of the treatment.

MD Anderson Madrid believes that excellent medical care based on research is a fundamental value as a tool in patient care and as the power behind our reputation. For that reason, we support numerous clinical and translational research projects.


The hospital directs over seventy clinical trials a year, among which are those in Phases I-III Breast Cancer, which are multi-centered, national and international and which give our patients access to the latest scientific advances in oncology.

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