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MD Anderson Cancer Center Foundation Spain, in collaboration with the largest chain of hairdressing and esthetics centers in Spain, Marco Aldany have held a solidarity event as part of the “I cut for you” campaign. The event was part of a campaign designed to increase awareness of the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of cancers affecting men, such as prostate or testicular cancer.

The event was held in the Video-conference Room at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid and was attended by Makoke, bullfighters Miguel Abellan and Oscar Higares, Aranxta de Benito, Fonsi Nieto, Monica Hoyos and the sports manager of Honda LCR, Oscar Haro. With the help of professionals from Marco Aldany, they all spent the morning cutting the hair of patients, family members and friends of people hospitalized in the cancer center as a gesture of solidarity with men living with cancer.