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In line with the aim of achieving more and more personalized care for cancer patients based on "super-specialization" and multidisciplinary treatment, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has just created two new units within its Medical Oncology Service - the Lung, Head and Neck and Melanoma Unit and the Gynecologic Tumor Unit, at the head of which are Dr. Pilar Lopez Criado and Dr. Raul Marquez, respectively.

Dr. Pilar Lopez Criado will be responsible for coordinating the first of these units, Lung, Head and Neck and Melanoma. With a master's degree in Molecular Oncology from the National Center for Oncological Research (CNIO), Dr. Lopez Criado has been working at MD Anderson Madrid for more than a decade. The specialist is also a member of some of the main working groups of the specialties that comprise the section she directs, such as the Spanish Multidisciplinary Group of Melanoma (GEM) or the Spanish Lung Cancer Group (GECP), and has participated in numerous clinical trials.

At the head of the Gynecologic Medical Oncology Unit is Dr. Raul Marquez, who has also been working at MD Anderson Madrid for almost a decade and who previously worked at another center dedicated exclusively to cancer treatment: the Fox Chase Cancer Center of Philadelphia. Member of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology and of the main working groups in breast cancer and ovarian cancer in the country (GEICAM and GEICO), Dr. Marquez has also participated in numerous studies related to the treatment of breast cancer and gynecologic tumors.

As unit heads, both Dr. Lopez Criado and Dr. Marquez will be responsible for organizing clinical care for patients diagnosed with any of the tumors whose areas they lead. So, Dr. Lopez Criado will be responsible for the care of patients with lung, head and neck and melanoma tumors, while Dr. Marquez will take care of patients with gynecologic tumors. Both units will always act, however, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary units created ad hoc for each of these cancers. 

In addition, both doctors will be responsible for heading and developing clinical research lines in these tumors and in charge of teaching and continuing education of health professionals in this field.

With these two appointments, MD Anderson Madrid continues with the super-specialization process of the center, which began in September 2017 with the appointment of Dr. Enrique Grande as head of the Medical Oncology Service. Under his direction, the goal of the center is to create different units dedicated specifically to a different type of tumor or group of tumors, thus structuring one of MD Anderson Madrid's strong points - high specialization, which can only be achieved in centers like this, dedicated excusively to cancer research and treatment.

In addition, the center already incorporated Dr. Laura Garcia Estevez at the beginning of the year as head of the Breast Tumor Unit and Dr. Jose Maria Vieitez as head of the Digestive Tumors Unit in the Medical Oncology Service. The aim is, explains Dr. Santiago Gonzalez, medical director of MD Anderson Madrid, "to continue offering patients excellent, increasingly personalized care.”