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MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid has received another star in its QH accreditation (Quality Healthcare), a distinction that recognizes all those companies that are committed to a continuous improvement in the quality of care granted by the Foundation of the Institute for the Development and Integration of Healthcare (IDIS Foundation), in collaboration with the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC). The distinction was presented on the occasion of the World Day of Quality, held on Tuesday, November 7.

With this distinction, the IDIS Foundation recognizes the daily work of MD Anderson Madrid in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its care processes, focused on improving the quality of care at the center to the benefit of safety and the well-being of patients.

In the words of Rafael Navarro CEO of MD Anderson Madrid: "At MD Anderson Madrid we have always been commited to offering the best possible service to our patients, and along with cancer research, the application of the latest technologies, and the experience and dedication of our professionals, this makes our center a reference in the treatment of cancer in Spain ".

Currently, 115 health organizations hold a QH accreditation in our country, at different levels. In this last edition, 39 new entities have received this distinction and seven of them have risen in category, among them MD Anderson Madrid.

For Manuel Vilches, managing director of the IDIS Foundation, the achievement of this QH Accreditation is the result of the work of "all actors - regulator, manager, health professional and patient - who come together to achieve excellence in health care".