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With the aim of sharing experiences of real clinical practice in patients with renal cancer and neuroendocrine tumors, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid organized a preceptorship with professionals from the Middle East at the center's headquarters. At the meeting, which took place over two days and was attended by more than 20 professionals, discussions focused on the molecular biology underlying these tumors, new biomarkers and the clinical trials currently being carried out in these tumors at MD Anderson Madrid.

But, above all, clinical practice cases were discussed and the differences between the clinical management of patients with these characteristics at a center in Spain, such as MD Anderson Madrid, and a hospital in the Middle East were debated, with the aim that both parties might learn from the other and adopt new practices that benefit these patients, regardless of where they reside.

In this training  course the team of speakers were able to reflect the multidisciplinary treatment carried out at MD Anderson Madrid for renal and neuroendocrine tumors, with the presence of Dr. Santiago Gonzalez Moreno, medical director of the center, Dr. Enrique Grande, head of the Medical Oncology Service, Dr. Jose Angel Arranz, head of the Spanish Group of Genitourinary Oncology (SOGUG) and medical oncologist, Dr. Fernando Lista, of the Urology Service, and Dr. Oscar Alonso, head of the Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery Unit at MD Anderson Madrid.