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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston has just reached its 75th anniversary and to celebrate Dr. Ronald De Pinho, president of the institution, has organized, among other events, an anniversary gala, which was attended by public figures like the former president of the United States, George W. Bush or the vice-president of the United States during the Barack Obama government, Joe Biden.

Prior to the gala, Dr. De Pinho and Dr. Santiago Gonzalez Moreno, medical director at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid, met on the occasion of the 3rd Partner meeting, a congress held every year in Houston that brings together the world’s leading network of cancer research and treatment centers: MD Anderson Cancer Network. MD Anderson Madrid is not only part of the network, but is the most experienced member, second only to the Houston central institution.

During the course of the meeting, Drs. De Pinho and Gonzalez Moreno spoke about the future of the relationship between the Houston and Madrid hospitals. Through working jointly on a number of projects, professional interchanges in the clinical and research fields and training, the current relationship between the centers is excellent.

In addition to discussing coming projects and opportunities for collaboration between the centers, Dr. Gonzalez Moreno invited Dr. De Pinho in person to the Gastrointestinal Cancer Congress jointly organized by MD Anderson Madrid and MD Anderson Houston to take place in Madrid in November 2017 (MD Anderson International Congress in Gastrointestinal Oncology: Current Practice and Controversies). Thanking him, the president of MD Anderson Houston took advantage of the occasion to express his desire to travel to Spain to visit their counterpart in Madrid.