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Next Tuesday, April 10 MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid is organizing the 'VI Mujerhoy Cancer Care Meeting: Health, care and prevention of cancer in women' in the Bertelsmann space, in Madrid. The objective of the day is to answer all the questions that women with cancer and their families may have about the development and treatment of the disease and, in addition, some advice will be offered to help minimize the physical and emotional impact derived from the disease. The latest advances in cancer research and treatment, the effectiveness of genetic tests against hereditary tumors or the effects that treatments may have on the quality of life of patients will also be addressed.

One of the talks, entitled "Maternity, fertility and cancer", is of particular interest given that currently one in every thousand pregnant women is diagnosed with cancer in our country, a figure that is also estimated to increase in the coming years. At this conference, an attempt will be made to answer some of the great questions posed by these women, such as the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the fetus, the recommended waiting time to get pregnant after cancer or if the tumor cells harm the fetus.

In addition, issues related to the latest advances in research or the effectiveness of genetic tests will be addressed in the debate-talk 'Women facing cancer' and they will delve into the effects and effectiveness of radiotherapy, as well as physical and emotional care in a last conference of the day.

At the end of the presentations, attendees will be offered practical workshops to manage stress and skincare during and after treatment, as well as a yoga session adapted for oncological patients, all with the aim of getting women to feel better inside and out.