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MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid opens its 9th Annual Meeting on Acute Leukemia next Thursday, September 24, co-organized, as on previous occasions by Dr. Adolfo de la Fuente, head of the Hematology Service at the center and Dr. Miguel Angel Sanz, of La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital in Valencia. The conference, with more than three hundred expert participants in the pathology, will have a new, 100% virtual format this year.

This year, the meeting is particularly relevant, not only because of the change in format due to COVID-19, but also as a result of the important developments that have taken place in recent years in the management and treatment of acute leukemia, both lymphoblastic and myeloid, thanks to new drugs and the increasingly personalized approach to the pathology.

Until now, the treatment of acute leukemia was based on administering a treatment to the patient until he/she went into remission, but this is changing now. The incorporation of chronic treatment guidelines, indefinite in duration while the disease remains under control and in remission, is proving effective, which is a new scenario and important challenge for specialists.

It is a very important moment in the approach to acute leukemia that will be debated over three days, between September 24 and 26, at this annual meeting. In addition, new options for the treatment of high-risk acute myeloid leukemia, novelties in FLT3 inhibitors and the potential of immunotherapy will be discussed. Likewise, speakers and attendees will review the challenges leukemia specialists have had to face with the arrival of COVID-19 and new ways of organizing Leukemia Units will be evaluated for the short and long term due to the situation.