Prevention Studies

Most people don't realize that research studies at MD Anderson are not just for cancer patients. Men and women who have never had cancer and those who have successfully completed cancer treatment are excellent potential candidates for cancer prevention studies.


At MD Anderson, we don’t just explore better ways to treat cancer — we want to understand how to prevent it, too. When you participate in a prevention study, you help researchers learn more about what causes cancer and how to best avoid the disease. 


Some of today’s best-known prevention strategies, like not smoking, eating fruits and vegetables, getting a Pap test, and being vaccinated for HPV, were proven by research done with individuals who did not have cancer.


Prevention Studies for Men and Women
Researchers at MD Anderson are studying behaviors and treatments that offer the best options for improving a person's overall health and well-being.


Tobacco Cessation Studies
Researchers at MD Anderson are studying treatments that make it easier to quit smoking and remain tobacco-free.