Medical services

The different clinical services constitute the backbone on which the healthcare activity of MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid is organised.



Psychooncology aims to cover the problems of the cancer patient, from a psychological point of view through practical training in dealing directly with the patient, family members and attending the specialized healthcare staff, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the patient and family members.

In recent years, it has been verified that there is a need to lend psychological care to cancer patients and their families, in medical oncology services, radiotherapeutic oncology, gynecology, palliative care units, etc.

  • Asesoramiento breve a nivel psicológico, sesiones educativas, informativas y counselling. Intervenciones puntuales o intervenciones en crisis.
  • Evaluación e Intervención psicológica
  • Intervenciones familiares

Sesiones informativas y talleres sobre distintos aspectos de la enfermedad a nivel psicológico, médico, tratamientos complementarios y actividades a nivel social.

Los Jueves de 11:00-13:00h. Sala Videoconferencias MD Anderson Madrid. No se requiere inscripción previa.