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New applications of the Da Vinci robot

Surgical treatment of prostate cancer poses a therapeutic challenge in patients who, for religious reasons, reject the transfusion of blood products, such as in the case of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Traditional radical prostatectomy has a high rate of bleeding with quite a significant need for blood transfusions. This means that patients with these religious beliefs may have limited access to this technique.

At MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid these patients are evaluated beforehand and, if necessary, receive treatment to improve their situation prior to surgery. In case the patient does not require such treatment, Da Vinci robot-assisted radical prostatectomy is performed.

Radical prostatectomy performed by the Da Vinci robot, and thanks to the amplified vision the system provides, allows perfect control of the small vessels around the prostate which makes it possible to remove the prostate gland with minimum hemorrhaging, meaning that blood transfusions are not necessary.

Dr. Carlos Nuñez, Head of the Urologic Surgery Service