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In Spain almost 15% of cancers diagnosed in women are gynecologic in origin (ovaries, uterus, uterus neck and vulva). In this field, image diagnosis techniques are fundamental to evaluating the disease, especially in the early stages, both locally and at distance and to obtain a clinical stratification to help select the best therapy.

For that reason, Dr Francisco Javier Garcia Prado, of the Radiology Unit at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid, participated in the VI Albacete Cancer Conference on Gynecologic Cancer with a presentation on ‘Image Diagnostics Techniques’. The main aim was to highlight the latest advances in techniques like ultrasound, CT Scans, CT PET and magnetic resonance, because the correct stratification allows a prognostic value of the disease to be established.

The VI Albacete Cancer Conference on Gynecologic Cancer was aimed at professionals and students of Medicine and Nursing and the general public. Organized by the Albacete delegation of the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) with the collaboration of the Albacete University Hospital Complex, the University of Castilla-La Mancha and the CCM Foundation (Castilla-La Mancha Savings Bank Foundation), the conference has a high-level scientific and healthcare program.