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The TVE program ‘La Mañana’ dedicated its health section on December 10 to discussing diagnostic techniques and new treatments for breast and colon cancers. To explain all the advances they invited Dr. Sara Encinas, a medical oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid.

Dr. Encinas spoke about what some of these vanguard techniques used at MD Anderson Madrid in the detection and treatment of different tumors consist of, techniques such as full body diffusion sequence MRI or intraperitoneal chemotherapy in the case of colon cancer. “ Thanks to these innovations in the field of medical oncology, the survival rate of cancer patients has improved, even in those cases in which metastasis had been diagnosed”, Dr. Encinas pointed out on the program presented by Marilo Montero.

Furthermore, the medical oncologist from MD Anderson Madrid insisted on the importance of early diagnosis, particularly in cases of breast and colon tumors, in which following specialists’ recommendations for regular check-ups can help detect tumors before complications set in. Therefore, Dr. Encinas also reminded the public that having a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent cancer.